Auto Insurance

A minivan, sedan, SUV, truck, sportscar, scooter, or 4wheeler – what do they all have in common? In Illinois they all must be insured. More Insurance Agency can help you choose the policy that best fits your kind of ”wheels”.

Do you have children taking driver’s ed? We’ll help you through the process of getting them insured and ready to drive. Receive DISCOUNTS by combining your home and auto insurance.

RV, Boat or Motorcycle Insurance – yes, we cover those too! Before you hit the road for vacation, give us a call so you have peace of mind.

Home Insurance

You spend years saving to purchase that first home, and many more years after fixing it the way you like it. Don’t let unexpected occurrences set you back. We can help you insure for but not limited to:

  • Sewer back-up or sump pump failures
  • Floods
  • Fires
  • Hail or Tornado damage
  • Loss of jewelry, antiques, treasures, artwork and special collectibles.
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of property
  • Identity Theft

Talk to an agent at More Insurance Agency about making sure your home is fully protected. DISCOUNTS  are available for combination Home and Auto Coverage.

Life Insurance

Keep your family covered no matter what age they are. Value grows as they grow in a whole life insurance policy. Insurance to fit your personal needs. We won’t push you into a policy, just show you the reasons why and how affordable it can be.

Why Life Insurance?

To cover expenses left behind when the unexpected happens. Will your family be able to pay the mortgage or rent, medical bills, bring in the income that may have been lost to support the family? Know that your family will be taken care of if you are no longer there to provide. We’ll explain in common language the different types of policies available and help you choose the right type of insurance.

Commercial Insurance

We know that one commercial insurance program doesn’t fit all businesses. We’ve got products that can be “tailored” to your specific business. Group Insurance, property, casualty and life products will make sure your business continues in case of an emergency.

Health & Disability Insurance

We never expect to lose our jobs and our benefits, but it’s become more common now than ever.  Healthcare costs are on the rise and its important you have a good health insurance plan – even if it only cover’s major medical emergencies. A short term disability can also ruin a families financial status.   Let us quote you an affordable plan.

Students in College? – yes, we can set them up with a temporary medical policy to cover the unexpected and roll them into a new plan when they are finished with school.