Spring Cleanup & Home Maintenance


Spring is here! We’ve all been waiting long enough. Here’s a check list of items to preserve the integrity of your home. Maintenance items and wear and tear not not covered on a homeowners policy. So, embrace the changing weather and preserve your home while enjoying the sunshine!

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Giving or Getting Jewelry this Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days for engagements, and stands out as one of the biggest times of year for making fine jewelry purchases.  If you plan to give a piece of jewelry, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage in the event something happens to that gift.

Knowing how much personal property insurance coverage you have under your standard homeowners or renters policy is a good place to start. Most of the time, you’ll be covered up to a certain limit if the ring is stolen. But with the average value of an engagement ring in the US costing around $5,000, insurance policies may not cover the full value.

Many people assume that jewelry is covered under their homeowners’ insurance. Your standard coverage may only cover part of the ring’s cost, and there’s usually no coverage if the ring is lost or damaged, so you may have to add additional coverage to insure the full cost should you ever need to replace the ring. This is called scheduling property, which means you’re increasing the amount of insurance coverage for an individual item. For high valued items, like engagement rings, the item is on a “schedule” and insured separately – not covered under the general personal property limit. Usually you can expect to pay around $1-2 per $100 of the item value. It is important to contact your insurance agent immediately to get the best coverage available

Some companies sell “agreed value” coverage, which means you are guaranteed a check for the amount the item was scheduled for.  Other companies only sell an “actual cash value” form, which means they reserve the right to replace the item… So if it is cheaper for them to go find a 2 carat diamond rather than paying the client $20,000, that is what they will do.


Also, Remember that the value of jewelry can change over time. It is important to have a recent appraisal done every 2-3 years and update your policy when the value of jewelry changes to ensure adequate coverage. Once you have the jewelry insured, keep your current appraisal, policy information, and any documentation about the piece in a safe place should you ever need to make a claim. It’s recommended you also take pictures of the pieces (which should be included in a professional written appraisal).

Happy Shopping, Happy Valentine’s Day & Maybe even Congratulations!

Meet Heather with More Insurance

Welcome to our blog.  My name is Heather Toppert, and I am going to tell you a bit about myself and why I am an Insurance agent.


I was born in Morrison, IL in 1980.  My dad, Kevin Dykema, grew up here in Morrison.  I graduated from Clinton High School in1998.  I have one brother, Andrew,a mechanic, that lives in Camanche, IA.  I am married to my best friend, Brent Toppert, and we have 3 children, Bradley 11, Embrey, 7, and Kyver, 5.  We have lived in Morrison for 12 years now.

My work history has always been in Customer Service of some sort.  I love working with the public…most of the time… ;)

Most recently, I had been working in a bank, when I was offered a position in a Credit Union, and thought that would be a nice subtle change.  When that didn’t work out, I decided to stay home for a couple of months, hanging out with the kiddos and just re-evaluate things.

So, the job hunt started.  I had heard that Keith was looking for someone to work in the office, so I dropped off my resume. I received an email from Keith asking if I would possibly be interested in becoming an agent.  hmmm, I thought…Brent’s grandfather, Ray Van Zuiden, had worked for Maurits & Jost, Inc from the 1960’s to 1996 as an agent…do I have what it takes?  I called my mother in law, Becky to see what she thought.  She said “it is a very honorable position where you help people to protect the things they work hard for. It might be hard at first, but I know you can do it!”

I can honestly say that I have found the career that, I feel, is where I belong.  I love being able to guide people in ways to safeguard their belongings and futures.  I try to make sure my clients know what their insurance policies cover before they leave my office. I am not just an insurance agent, I am a future builder.


Exciting News!!!

Welcome to our NEW Blog & first ever blog posting!

Maurits & Jost Inc has been serving the Morrison area since 1942. Founded by W.E. Fredrick and joined by Bill Maurits & 6 years later Jene Jost.


The agency has joined forces with several partners and talented individuals over the years and continues to grow to meet the needs of its clients.

Today Our Staff includes Keith Frederick, Agent, Christina Geerts, Client Service Representative, and Heather Toppert, Agent.  We all currently live in Morrison, IL with our families.  We all volunteer in the community and take great pleasure in our roles.

Ringing in the New Year we would like to announce our change of name. We feel 2014 will bring us many opportunities to better serve our clients and we are excited for the changes in the New Year.

Maruits & Jost will now be named:


The Staff here at More Insurance Agency pride ourselves with providing our clients with insurance that is beyond the expected, along with excellent service.  We follow the Golden Rule to the best of our ability.  More Insurance Agency is in the business of helping others.   We hand pick the Insurance Companies we represent to be sure that they convey the same service and coverage options that we want for our families; because our clients are just that, our family.

Like our father company, Maurits & Jost we too pride ourselves with advancing in technology to get out in front of the new generation of clients that take care of nearly all of their personal business online.   That is why we decided to create our blog, we want to help our clients to interpret insurance, what it is along with all of options available to them.

We welcome those reading and connecting with us on Facebook to join with us in the final stages of our tag line selections.

Keep looking for our tag line selection contest Maybe YOU will pick the winner!

Thank you for being part of our family & all the new and exciting opportunities awaiting in 2014.

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